Showrooms, pop up stores and exhibitions…

InGracia’s vintage industrial look is reminiscent of London’s renovated
warehouses or of old factories in New York’s Soho district.

Modern brands and companies marketing the latest technologies often choose inGracia for the contrast created between their avant-garde products and the design of the centre.

The distinct, spacious rooms of inGracia with their high ceilings, the subdued tones of the interior decoration and the ease with which additional equipment can be installed, are ideal for organising product showrooms. Decorative elements can be hung on the walls or ceilings of all rooms, creating the desired effect and significantly strengthening brand image during the event.

Furthermore, the directional spotlights in all rooms can be used to create different areas within the same exhibition space, facilitating the task of explaining the advantages of each product.

The following are just some of the companies that have chosen inGracia for their product showrooms:

The fashion and cosmetics industry-leading brands such as VERSACE, BURBERRY’S, LEVI’S, DIESEL, BERSHKA, ISSEY MIYAKE, MAYBELLINE
Also in the automotive sector: presentations by TOYOTA, FORD, PEUGEOT, SEAT
And creative and impactful showrooms for brands like LG, NINTENDO, SALOMON, POLAR, SAUCONY, HISENSE, NOVY .. among many others.