Business meetings and corporate events

InGracia is the ideal place for corporate events. The available facilities make staging corporate presentations
easy, both on the lower ground floor and on the stage with its built-in projector and screen.

Style with personality

InGracia has a unique charm that gives a special touch to business gatherings and corporate events. The centre’s wrought iron columns, brickwork walls and domed ceilings are reminiscent of classic New York buildings, and its flexible, multi-purpose spaces can cater for any type of meeting or corporate event.

With its exquisite interior design, inGracia lends an air of elegance and character to any gathering.

Another of the centre’s features is the “glass cage”, a magical space that dominates the entire centre and is perfect for exclusive meetings.

The following are just some of the companies that have chosen inGracia for their business meetings and corporate events:

  • CANON , leader company in photography and image, introduced its new services while attendees enjoyed a full wine tasting.
  • ORANGE organized a fun show cooking for its internal team.
  • The prestigious French publisher HACHETTE made a presentation enlivened with a didactic cheese tasting.
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES celebrates its best customers with a very made in USA meal.
  • Font Vella and Lanjarón, from DANONE Group, and NOBEL BIOCARE , leader company in dental solutions, held their annual meetings.
  • GROUPALIA held a ceremony to commemorate its first year of existence.
    The place is also ideal for informal meals during corporate events, like cocktails or lunches, or more conventional meals with the audience seated at tables.