Touristic Marketing Events

InGracia is an entertaining yet subdued locale that can easily be turned into the embassy
of any country  an ideal venue for tourist marketing activities.

Multipurpose rooms for events of tourism promotion

InGracia is a fun and neutral space, which can be converted in the embassy of any country, since it is ideal for tourism promotion events. The venue has a stage with HD projector, and different rooms that allow conducting lectures and visual presentations.

The venue is also provided with chairs and tables for the exhibition of the materials, and all the spaces are equipped with lighting systems that allow impacting the walls with the desired color to create the environment required for each event.

Playing with the lights, we have sometimes recreated the colors of the flag of the country that was being promoted, in other occasions we simulated a sunset, an autumnal atmosphere, or even an Amazonian jungle … With the help of perfumes and the right props, you can get magical and surprising results.

Our team of suppliers work for our customers, and it work hard to create an original and impactful event of tourism marketing.

A spectacular space called the “glass cage” consisting of a mezzanine floor with natural light and glass floor, enclosed by a metal net of more than 11 meters long, allow you to customize in a surprising way the decoration of each event. The “glass cage” is oriented towards the entrance and can even accommodate a group playing live music to welcome the guests.

The following are just some of the companies that have chosen inGracia for their tourism marketing events:

  • Promotion of GERMANY with the Tourist Office of Germany performing in fair format.
  • Promotion event of SCOTLAND, enlivened with whiskey tasting …
  • SLOVENIA Promotion, organized by Slovenia Tourism office and Adria Airways. A lot of activities, including a photographic exhibition of landscapes of the country and a tasting of Slovenian products and wines, were carried out.
  • Promotion of the Italian region of EMILIA ROMAGNA, with wine tasting and typical products of the area (Modena, Parma, Bologna, Ferrara, etc.).
  • Promotion of FRANCE, organized by the Tourist Office of France and France Guide.
  • Promotion of GUATEMALA, organized by the Embassy of Guatemala, with a funny showcooking.
  • … Other events like the ones by EXPEDIA, SNCF, and the inauguration of the AVE-PARIS, EASYJET.