Game of drones

Drone technology advances at a dizzying pace. In Ingracia Events we have attended events of technological companies related to the world of drones in sectors such as commerce, logistics, mining, health in what seems like a real technological career. Today in our blog we will talk about the Game of Drones.


Drone Origin

The first thing is to know the origin of the drone. The drones were developed from the commercial exploitation of the so-called multicopters. These were nothing more than small devices powered by electric motors. The advances in the motors, the storage capacity of the batteries and the improvement of the sensors caused the drone technology to develop as we know it today.

At present

Drones can currently have multiple applications in many areas. There are companies such as Flyzipline, a US-based company ,that has developed a technology for deliveries of medicines, blood, vaccines and medical devices in some areas of Africa. Or Amazon, in 2016, started the first drone flight for its deliveries, and baptized the service with the name Prime Air. Since then he has developed logistics centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Austria and France. Other companies that have already developed their technology for the so-called “Drone Delivery” are Fedex, Walmart or Google.

The future

It seems clear that drone technology has advanced rapidly, deliveries can now be made, medicines distributed, safety and air surveillance improved, and even passengers transported. Technology is ready and unlimited applications, so where is the problem ?.

The main problem is the legal barriers to carry out these activities, especially in cities and in highly regulated areas of the United States and Europe. In this race against time – where technology and millionaire investments are mixed – it seems that China has been the winner. It has been the first to regularly use the drone service for its deliveries through the DHL company.

Technological events by drone manufacturing companies as well as startups dedicated to related applications are multiplying in our Ingracia room. The future seems to go through drones. Sooner or later, existing regulations and barriers will allow drones to be part of our future. Flying objects that will be part of our daily lives. We are prepared?

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