Responsabilitat social en els esdeveniments

responsabilitat social

Not everything that surrounds an event is positive, there is a dark part where all of us who are part of it, in one way or another, venues, catering companies, communication agencies, fair organizers… all of us must be up to date! stream and contribute our grain of sand to improve the situation!

The drama of human trafficking in the context of events:

“Before, Construmat and Alimentaria were the two big fairs that carried the prostitution business in Barcelona to the highest levels of turnover. Also festivals like Primavera Sound or Sónar, but in recent years the MWC has taken the cake”, commented an article in the Periódico de Catalunya. Is this the image we want to give of our sector? Is it the impact we want to have on society? Can we continue to say that we are responsible and sustainable by removing the plastic bottles, but letting our activity be a facilitator (albeit passively) of an activity that is based on slavery? Yes, often total slavery (forced women, without papers, with their families threatened) and, failing that, partial (women who have no other option than to sell their bodies to a client who will dominate them). (Fiet Gratia)

At inGracia we are concerned and that is why we want to share the entire article published by Evento plus: see the entire article at:


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