Telecommuting on Coronavirus times

The new coronavirus pandemia has changed the paradigms of work.   Today we explain  how to organize ourselves to work remotely through telecommuting and teleconferences and what are the best applications on the market.

What does telecommuting consist of?

A global pandemic has to arrive for telecommuting methodologies to be implemented on a large scale, but ¿what exactly is telecommuting?
Telecommuting is a flexible form of work organization, it consists of working or developing a professional activity remotely. It can be developed with basic tools such as a laptop and a mobile and some data security measures.  So far so good, but do you know that there are specific tools to facilitate performance and remote connectivity?

How to work remotely with the right tools?

Do you know the tools that allow remote presentations, facilitate conversations and work organization from home? Just to be as productive and performing (if not more) than the office.
In Ingracia a while ago we were lucky enough to attend the presentation of some of the most revolutionary tools  for collaborative work and remote presentations. It was at the event organized by ITXpo Symbosium “Best of Breed IT”.

best IT applications at Ingracia technology events
Telecommuting applications at Ingracia events in Barcelona


Zoom is one of the strongest tools in the field of webinars, video conferencing, online training that allows isolated users to connect. It has numerous applications such as: scheduling meetings, displaying virtual whiteboards, sharing screens, recording classes, chat, … Allows meetings of up to 100 participants. It is an alternative to tools like Skype. Since the coronavirus crisis began, Zoom’s shares have gone up on the stock market like few others.


Another other application that was presented at the same event held in Ingracia was Slack. This tool works for launching projects and creates a collaboration center that gathers the right people the relevant information helping to increase productivity.   Finally, in the same event, other tools were presented in the field of information security. This is the case of Box and Okta.

Those tools facilitate file sharing in the cloud and provide highly secure servers for remote work in a way information is not compromised. At this event held in Ingracia, in addition to presenting these tools, numerous talks could be shared on the importance of developing tools that are easy to use and that allow an organization of telecommuting that is easy and effective.

No one could think that this would now be such a necessary reality.

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