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Telecommuting on Coronavirus times

The new coronavirus pandemia has changed the paradigms of work.   Today we explain  how to organize ourselves to work remotely through telecommuting and teleconferences and what are the best applications on the market. What does telecommuting consist of? A global pandemic has to arrive for telecommuting methodologies to be implemented on a large scale, but […]

How to communicate your event in Instagram Stories, tell me a story

Instagram stories has become a real game-changer in any marketing plan. Today we give you some advices about how to communicate effectively your event in Instagram stories with a maximum impact. 1.- Anticipate Anticipation is one of the best weapons for Instagram stories. It allows you to tell a story so you can anticipate, pre-warn […]

¿What is a world cafe and why it is trendy?

Today we are going to explain in full detail what is a world cafe meeting and why it is the new trend for events and venues. Meaning A world cafe is a a structured conversational methodology that encourages knowledge sharing in groups. The idea is to setp up a topic at several tables, in a […]

Special venues for a company Christmas dinner

Special venues for a company Christmas dinner, have you heard about it? Yes, in fact this is a trend to swich from boring Christmas restaurant typical dinners into special events in a different venues to make this dinner as funnier as possible. NO RUSH No rush please, that would be the first rule when you […]

6 Apps to organize your business events

Today we are going to reveal the 6 apps to organize your business events that we use in Ingracia Events. We know that being an event planner is one of the most stressful jobs ever, it requires a lot of organization, planning and patience! This is why today we reveal some tools that can help […]

The meeting design guide for events

Meeting design guide is a practice of creating successful events. Corporate events changed drastically in the past decades. Nowadays meeting events are not about getting attendees to the right location it’s about getting in their minds. That’s why meeting design techniques are so important to create a more effective meetings that produce results.   ¿What […]

Organize events reducing the environmental impact is possible, we explain how.

When we organize an event we all have a clear idea about the economical cost but nowadays it is as imporant to know and minimize the environmental impact, in order to create more sustainable events. The key question remains; how we can organize events with a minimum environmental impact? Today we explain the most important […]