¿What is a world cafe and why it is trendy?

Today we are going to explain in full detail what is a world cafe meeting and why it is the new trend for events and venues.


A world cafe is a a structured conversational methodology that encourages knowledge sharing in groups. The idea is to setp up a topic at several tables, in a cosy ambient like a bar or café.

As an organizational methodology the world cafe offers a practical way to enhance the  dialogue and dynamic conversations between groups, helps to make new connections and is applicable to organizations and communities.


Some of the principles to make a successful event through a world cafe methodology are:

  • The ideal world cafe environment and physical set up builds on what most people like to experience in a Café. Create an informal atmosphere, background music, small round tables with red-checked or other table cloths. Add some flowers, natural light, plants. And don’t forget to include paper or wall mural and markers to writte down ideas and concepts.
  • Set a clear context and purpose so the participants can be encourage to participate. A table host can encourage and facilitate conversations but it is much successfull when the purpose of the meeting is set up clearly upfront.
  • Set a positive attitude of inviting and appreciating everybody’s contribution. Normally this will helps to break the silence on the first world café conversations. Also setting small groups (ideally of 12 people) with a host in every table that connect ideas between them will help to get a positive outcome of the meeting.

Real Cases

At Ingracia Event we have been specialized in creating tech events and start-up working events with the world café methodology. In some cases, the groups and the context are pretty clear but in others is much more a free participation to connect ideas and to listen. In every event, the methodology world cafe worked really well and encourage’s everyone contribution.

Image of one of our last events in Barcelona with Jungle Robofactory Jam session where they used the world café methodology in our venue.


World cafe methodology in Jungle

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