Special venues for a company Christmas dinner

Special venues for a company Christmas dinner, have you heard about it? Yes, in fact this is a trend to swich from boring Christmas restaurant typical dinners into special events in a different venues to make this dinner as funnier as possible.


No rush please, that would be the first rule when you organize a company dinner for Christmas. The ability to have a venue with different spaces for coctail, a quiet chat, some dancing all in the same place, like what we offer in  Ingracia Events allows the attendees to stay in one place with no rush.


Special venues like Ingracia Events allow you to some exclusivity that other restaurants and venues can’t provide. You have your venue just for you and your audience, privacy and exclusivity so you don’t need to share with others. That’s why more and more companies select exclusive venues to organize their Christmas corporate dinner.


The new trend now is to organize a Christmas dinner based on a party theme. It’s a good way to cheer up and having some fun with your co workers . For example, Christmas dinners based on 1920’s style, or in Hollywood stars with a red carpet and so on. Get a fancy dress and we will take care about all the rest, like decoration, lights and all the layout.


Be original, try to set up a different activity rather than the typical Christmas presents with your co workers. You can set up some games to warm up the ambience.

Like some retro games on eBay, some classics like Grape Escape, so on. Set up a lounge area at the event space where people can play a few rounds on breaks from the dance floor. Or a Karaoke party or VR activity. Everything that goes above and beyond the classic activities will be original and it’s something you can organize easely from a singular venue.


The time for classic and boring dinner Christmas parties is over. Now it’s time to make something memorable from a special space like Ingracia Events. Contact us if you need more tips!

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