6 Apps to organize your business events

Today we are going to reveal the 6 apps to organize your business events that we use in Ingracia Events.

We know that being an event planner is one of the most stressful jobs ever, it requires a lot of organization, planning and patience! This is why today we reveal some tools that can help you and make your life much easier.

Best Apps

Doodle, everyone knows this tool but few people use it correctly. It offers a wide variety of options to schedule, coordinate in groups and mark pending tasks, being able to synchronize with other applications becomes a basic for any event organization.

Eventool is another of these apps that every event planner has to have, especially in space management, where there are several participants and registration is required. It is easy, intuitive, allows the participation and networking of the participants from beginning to end and has a relatively afforable cost.

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of homework and how to organize then Todoist or Toggl can help you. These are tools in which you can indicate specific tasks and dedication time. Its great advantage is that you can add to your team and help you prioritize the tasks of the event.

Hootsuite is an interesting tool to follow your events on social media making everything more effective. There’s one professional version and another free with limited accounts and features.

And lastly, Propartyplanner is a very complete application with which you can organize all kinds of corporate events. It allows you to import a list of guests, add reminders, delegate tasks and synchronize the different users who are going to attend the event. Allows synchronization with Facebook too. With this application you save a lot of time in last minute communications, something we all know always happens, right?

Now that you know our “secret weapon” have you ever used any of these apps for your events? We are all ears.

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