The meeting design guide for events

Meeting design guide is a practice of creating successful events. Corporate events changed drastically in the past decades. Nowadays meeting events are not about getting attendees to the right location it’s about getting in their minds. That’s why meeting design techniques are so important to create a more effective meetings that produce results.


¿What is exactly meeting design?

A success of a meeting depends on three different aspects, the content of the meeting, the behaviour of the participants and the layout of the venue.

¿How it works?

We can’t predict how people will behave on an meeting or who will make the most successful speaker but we can make differences on the venue layout. See examples below.

A customer wants to create a meeting with a lot of visual interaction we can design a space where furniture is organized in semi-circle so there’s a continous feedback.

If the event is about networking in small groups we can split the venue in small sections.  Adding amazing furniture is also an idea to decor the venue in a relaxing way.  You can see some of the layout organization we created for our customers in Ingracia events.


The evolution of meeting formats can bring us to create informal venues, like a world café.  It’s a simple, effective format for hosting large groupe dialogue and allows people to move into different tables. If the customer wants to encourage spontaneous conversation we can create an empty room, with no furniture, just some good light that allow attendees to drive their own conversations with others.


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