Organize events reducing the environmental impact is possible, we explain how.

When we organize an event we all have a clear idea about the economical cost but nowadays it is as imporant to know and minimize the environmental impact, in order to create more sustainable events. The key question remains; how we can organize events with a minimum environmental impact?

Today we explain the most important points we take care in the Ingracia Events space.

1.- Promoting a responsible consumption.

For a responsible consumption we use local products in our catering, when possible.  So we reduce the greenhouse emissions associated with transport. We also have the possibility to chose ecological or bio products so we have a higher level of control and we support local businesses too.


2.- Using Biodegradable products.

The volume of waste it is always important in an event, so one of the elements we use are biodegradable products or compostable alternatives to catering supplies, such as biodegradable straws.


3.- Minimizing food waste.

Recylcing, reusing materials is as important as trying to minimize food waste. We try to work closely with our customers to inform to our suppliers the exact number of participants and re-evaluate quantity needed during the meeting.


4.- Paperless suppliers.

We apply sustainability criteria as well to our suppliers by encouraging paperless processes. We prioritize online communications such as email or doc files with our suppliers instead of paper in the event planning process.


As you can see, sustainability is possible by reducing waste, recycling, promoting a sustainable consumption or working with eco-friendly suppliers. But we need to involve as well, stakeholders, attendees and customers to enhance practices to reduce our environmental footprint in our daily activity too.


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