Super-powders for Super-events

Super-powders for super-events

The so-called ‘super-powders’ are processed forms of fresh vegetables, roots, seaweeds, etc. The edible powders contain protein, energy and other health and wellness benefits. They are also used to enhance the taste of certain foods and dishes. There is a variety of choices available in the assortment of dishes inGracia serves during the events. We like using them in smoothies but also on top of a breakfast bowl or winter soups.

A few of the best super-powders are:

–       Acai

–       Baobab

–       Bee pollen

–       Chia

–       Cocoa

–       Camu camu

–       Flax

–       Fossil shell flour

–       Hemp

–       Maca

–       Matcha

–       Moringa

–       Spirulina

–       Turmeric

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