New urban trend: bowl food for your events.

Let your guest eat out of a bowl.

A trend coming this 2019 is to eat in a bowl. The idea behind a food bowl is guests can stand up and network while they eat. Caterers describe it as an option where invites can keep on talking/working. Experts say you experience all the different colours, textures and tastes more intense when you eat out of a edible bowl. During events organized in InGracia, we offer different options of mini food bowls.  Eat & keep socializing!

The açaí bowl

One of the most known food bowls is called the açaí bowl which is typically found in smoothie or juice shops. Their menus depend on the flavor profile of the add-ons and toppings… and the look of these bowls is really photogenic and instagramable.

The poke bowl

Another kind of food bowl is the poke bowl. This bowl originates from Hawaii and contains a base of rice, topped with raw fish and various types of vegetables and sauces. This style of food not only creates a way to get healthy fast food but also allows guests to customize their food during the event. The poke bowl offers endless possibilities which makes each meal a different experience. It is tasty, healthy, quick to prepare and unlike anything else in the food industry.

The Buddha bowl

These day ‘mindfulness’ and ‘zen’ are the new way to live. This trend has spilled over into the food industry. For ideal weight-loss success, we are advertised to eat mindfully. This means to pay attention to what we eat and what it tastes like and to listen to our body’s signal when it has enough. The Buddha bowl was originally vegan with cooked grains, vegetables (raw, steamed or grill) and a dressing. Nowadays, you can find many variants of this type of bowl. Great choice for a zen event!

Besides, food in a bowl is categorized as comfort food. Eating with crossed legs while sitting on the coach and eating out of a bowl is much more cosy. Thinking about creating a unique event? We can organize some floor cushions for you! Surprise your guests!

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