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How to communicate your event in Instagram Stories, tell me a story

Instagram stories has become a real game-changer in any marketing plan. Today we give you some advices about how to communicate effectively your event in Instagram stories with a maximum impact. 1.- Anticipate Anticipation is one of the best weapons for Instagram stories. It allows you to tell a story so you can anticipate, pre-warn […]

Special venues for a company Christmas dinner

Special venues for a company Christmas dinner, have you heard about it? Yes, in fact this is a trend to swich from boring Christmas restaurant typical dinners into special events in a different venues to make this dinner as funnier as possible. NO RUSH No rush please, that would be the first rule when you […]

New urban trend: bowl food for your events.

Let your guest eat out of a bowl.

A trend coming this 2019 is to eat in a bowl. The idea behind a food bowl is guests can stand up and network while they eat. Caterers describe it as an option where invites can keep on talking/working. Experts say you experience all the different colours, textures and tastes more intense when you eat […]

A gastronomic experience

space for events, ingracia a venue for corporate events

Who does not enjoy good food? Invite your customers for an original showcooking and let them discover about the different possibilities of our local gastronomy. We offer you the opportunity to explore innovative recipes. The space has all the facilities to prepare and fully enjoy a gastronomic event: the Soho Room has a warmth atmosphere […]