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Telecommuting on Coronavirus times

The new coronavirus pandemia has changed the paradigms of work.   Today we explain  how to organize ourselves to work remotely through telecommuting and teleconferences and what are the best applications on the market. What does telecommuting consist of? A global pandemic has to arrive for telecommuting methodologies to be implemented on a large scale, but […]

Organize events reducing the environmental impact is possible, we explain how.

When we organize an event we all have a clear idea about the economical cost but nowadays it is as imporant to know and minimize the environmental impact, in order to create more sustainable events. The key question remains; how we can organize events with a minimum environmental impact? Today we explain the most important […]

Fiestas Mayor de Gracia – “Our street” has won the third prize!

In the Fiestas Mayor de Gracia, Metamorphosis, has been the theme which the street of Jesus has participated for the first time and won the third prize. It is, therefore, a very special street to us … Our Congratulations!

Celebrating your fashion events, showrooms and photoshoots.

InGracia is a place that gathers unique characteristics to produce any type of corporate events such as series and film shoots, castings, rehearsals, fashion shows and photo shoots. The industrial look and the height of the ceilings gives to the space a special atmosphere to the events. The Soho Room The Glass Cage The Stage […]

IKEA, welcome to inGracia

Two days of training for IKEA Spain managers who came to our rooms to share ideas and give themselves to interesting workshops. Different assemblies in groups and delicious meals for our guests who enjoyed all our space. See event album:

ESTEVE shows us its more informal side

The international pharmaceutical chemical group Esteve visits our venue and for the occasion the Stage Room becomes an elegant relaxed and informal lounge. The corporate colors accompany the conference and the awards ceremony of the company, which chooses pouf, sofas and cushions to welcome its managers. After the meetings, delicious coffee with personalized cookies and […]