Celebrating your fashion events, showrooms and photoshoots.

InGracia is a place that gathers unique characteristics to produce any type of corporate events such as series and film shoots, castings, rehearsals, fashion shows and photo shoots.
The industrial look and the height of the ceilings gives to the space a special atmosphere to the events.

  • The Soho Room
  • The Glass Cage
  • The Stage and Pergaminos Room

Those three rooms are the three main spaces of the venue: Different, original, charismatic and charming are the words most used to describe them.
Each room has its advantages:In the Glass Cage, for its intimate characteristics, a photo shoot session would be a great option;  the Soho room, as the largest space it is  perfect for a showroom, the Stage Room is the ideal space for presentations and press conferences.

InGracia has a wide range of original options to turn your event into a guarantee of success.

InGracia it is your original option.



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