Vegan alternatives on your event

More and more, we are aware of animal suffering and environmental problems which are caused by the meat industry. The trend is definitely to reduce meat consumption and find other sources of proteins that go more to the vegetables side. Protein options are multiplying on the market and their taste and recipe creativity is improving.


A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products. They chose to not include milk, eggs, or any animal derivative in their daily life. Not only the meat industry works with terrible conditions. The way the food industry generally treats animals is horrifying.


Due to this trend, lots of vegan substitutes appear on the food market. Rice, pizza crust, stuffing and even steak have their vegan variant.

Healthy events

When you go eat in a restaurant, it is most likely you will find different vegan options on the menu. This is the same for when you go to an event. Our venue offer our clients different types of food including vegan. You can even find vegan food events that are gaining popularity. Some of the most famous vegan events are the Black Vegfest, the Vegandale food drink festival, Vevolution, Circle V, Vegan street fair and many more.

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