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A gastronomic experience

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Who does not enjoy good food? Invite your customers for an original showcooking and let them discover about the different possibilities of our local gastronomy. We offer you the opportunity to explore innovative recipes. The space has all the facilities to prepare and fully enjoy a gastronomic event: the Soho Room has a warmth atmosphere […]

Conferences and Press Conferences… Choosing the right place is important.

salas y espacios para presentaciones de producto

Conferences and Press Conferences are some of the events your company can organize in InGracia. InGracia has a room fully equipped for conference and press conferences, such as: Stage Video projections Screens Lectern Microphones A good sound and acoustics ceilings. … The space has capacity for 100 people seatted and we also have a technical […]

Fiestas Mayor de Gracia – “Our street” has won the third prize!

In the Fiestas Mayor de Gracia, Metamorphosis, has been the theme which the street of Jesus has participated for the first time and won the third prize. It is, therefore, a very special street to us … Our Congratulations!

Celebrating your fashion events, showrooms and photoshoots.

InGracia is a place that gathers unique characteristics to produce any type of corporate events such as series and film shoots, castings, rehearsals, fashion shows and photo shoots. The industrial look and the height of the ceilings gives to the space a special atmosphere to the events. The Soho Room The Glass Cage The Stage […]

An original space for Fairs and Exhibitions.

Let your costumers know about your products, services or works of art! In our space you will find a warmth and special atmosphere with the intention to turn your event even more original. Duly prepared, the venue has large rooms with high ceilings, which facilitates the decoration and the accessories placement. The lighting is adjustable […]

The Stage Room – A room full of possibilities.

When entering the room, the stage, the minimalist style and its warmth catches our attention. Completely customizable, the stage room can become a space with a special atmosphere. The room has a screen, music stand, speakers, microphones, spotlights, leds and with the sound and acoustics guaranteed. The space has capacity for 80 people and we […]

Corporate Celebrations and Gala Dinners – The event you want in a glamour space.

Corporate celebrations and gala dinners are some of the events that you can do in InGracia. Celebrating business achievements, product or company anniversaries, rewarding your team or just to celebrate a special moment of your organization in our cozy space, sounds great! A space with its New York airs, ideal to make your event even […]

Soho Room – The versatility is its real strength!

Its New York style engages you! A space with high ceiling, stone walls, vaulted ceiling, iron columns, metal stairs and glass floor… a very interesting fusion witch gives to your event an alternative atmosphere. In this room is possible to carry out any type of event, from Workshops, product presentations, networking, teambuilding, fashion shows, exhibitions, […]

Why should you choose Ingracia for your product presentation?

InGracia is a place that gathers unique characteristics to produce any type of corporate events. Versatile, adaptable and widely well equipped, this place will fascinate you! Product presentation is one of the events you can organize in InGracia. With the multiple rooms the space has, the product presentation is easily done in a comfortable and […]