The Stage Room – A room full of possibilities.

When entering the room, the stage, the minimalist style and its warmth catches our attention. Completely customizable, the stage room can become a space with a special atmosphere.

The room has a screen, music stand, speakers, microphones, spotlights, leds and with the sound and acoustics guaranteed. The space has capacity for 80 people and we also have a technical room that allows direct access to the press, also works as a backstage and as a simultaneous translator cabin.

The comfortable bleachers with its decorative pillows, pleasee the assistants which, according to the event, can be used to sit or to expose products.

It is a unique, modern and original room where you can organize press conferences, parades, product presentation, corporative and gala dinners, meetings, exhibitions and other events.

Be inspired and let yourself be carried away by the charm of this space!

InGracia, we love your events.



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