Events with a personal touch

Product presentations, showrooms, shooting, filming, parades …?

At InGracia we help you to organize your events and customize them so that they become unique and original moments. The entrance, the glass cage and the different rooms of the space can adapt to your requirements to carry out special events.
The combination of different decorative elements, furniture and props will help you in creating the maximum impact and giving a touch of distinction and personalization to your event.
What better way to surprise the guests since their arrival? Put in the entrance of the space a carpet of your corporate color and combine it with other elements such as petals, leaves, pots, trees, candles, towers with lanterns or some curious and unusual props.
Banners with your company name and custom stickers could complete the welcome decoration.
Stickers are a good resource for decorating walls, stage and floor of
InGracia: a good way to promote your business, remember your motto or evoke the subject of the event using the graphics throughout the space.
The Crystal Cage, a transgressive and elegant room, lends itself to multiple decorations. In its resistant metal gate you can hang any type of product, banner, box or sign. And with the support of our lights you can highlight their presence attracting the attention of your guests.
It is ideal for small meetings or live music. Discover it and you will see that the ways to personalize them are endless. You can even transform it into a garden …
Another novelty to personalize your event is the central panel of more than 3 meters that is right under the cage, above the stairs leading down to the Parchments Room. Apply on it a sticker with the logo of your company and customize the color of the led. The name of your company will be fixed in the eyes of all attendees.
In the diaphanous Parchments Room, besides changing the color of our LED lamp, you can play with the luminous panels. You can put sculptures behind the opaque fabrics and create sets of shadows or take out our scrolls and put your own panels. To obtain a 100% original solution.
Complete the redesign of the space by customizing our Stage Room. You could start with an operation as simple as effective as changing the cushions that adorn our steps. You can choose from many colors or personalize them even more by printing on the web name or the logo of your company.
The lights and LEDs that illuminate all our space will give the final touch, creating the fair atmosphere to your event 100% made by you!
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