A new and original way to celebrate your fashion events, showrooms, photoshoots or filming.

InGracia is a place that gathers unique characteristics to produce any type of corporate events. Versatile, adaptable and widely well equipped, this place will fascinate you!

InGracia has exceptional conditions for the execution of events such as: series and film shoots, castings, rehearsals, fashion shows and photoshoots.

Clear and neutral rooms with high ceilings, dressing room, a stage for rehearsals and floodlights spreads by all the rooms.

Our main room is known for its stone walls, iron columns, glass floors and metal stairs, vaulted ceilings and white walls which are perfect to be personalized with light, vinyl or projections.

The industrial and vintage look of InGracia, the neutral tone and the height of the walls provides a special atmosphere for this kind of events.

Soho, Glass Cage, Stage and Pergaminos are the names of the rooms and spaces that make up the InGracia space.  Different, original, charismatic and cozy are the most used words by those who define them.

Each room has its potential. In the Glass Cage, because of its intimate features, a photoshoot session would be a tempting option, while for fashion shows, the Soho room, is perfect due to their size. At the Stage Room, theatrical or cinematographic essays gains dimension…

InGracia has a wide range of original options in order to turn your event into a warranty of success.

InGracia is always an original option!

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